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John Favreau is a lighting, sound and projection designer based in southern California. 

Originally from Arizona, John became heavily involved with the theatre scene in the performing arts from a very young age. After spending a number of years as a

Jake works primarily as a Lighting Designer for live theatre, along with work in architectural lighting, television lighting, and specials events lighting. He also works as an Assistant and Associate Designer internationally, regionally, Off-Broadway, and on Broadway for industry-leading designers including  Kevin Adams,  Jeff Croiter, Peter Kaczorowski,  Natasha Katz,  Rui Rita,  Justin Townsend,  Hugh Vanstone,  David Weiner, and  Scott Zielinski.

Outside of the theatre, Jake is passionate about social justice and has been known to take to the streets in protest. He is also an enthusiastic year-round cyclist and cycling evangelist.

Jake holds a BFA in Lighting Design from the  Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama. He is also a proud member of the  United Scenic Artists Local 829.

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